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OOPPA,  a Korea Eyewear curator where we curated the top collection of Korea's latest trendy eyewear. We strive to help you to emulate your favorite Korea artistes’ style by bringing in what's hot and what's new in the Korea eyewear industry.


OOPPA,韩风时尚眼镜最佳精选眼镜店。随着韩国眼镜时尚界的最新潮流,我们拥有了韩国最新时尚眼镜的顶级系列。 我们致力于引入韩国眼镜行业的热门新鲜事物,赶上韩国艺人最热门且潮流的风格。

Optical & Eyecare

Monday - Sunday

10 a.m - 10 p.m

Tel : 03 - 9133 9075

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