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Description/ Brand Concept Conceptualised with the aim to ignite the Vietnamese food culture in Singapore with an emphasis on pulsating Vietnamese cuisine, Pho Street serves up a vibrant mix of Vietnamese delights from the different regions in Vietnam. Pho Street makes sure that each dish served is authentic as the one you would encounter while walking down the streets of Vietnam. The menu at Pho Street is sure to satisfy one’s cravings, whether it is for a hearty bowl of the iconic Phở, tasty dry Rice Vermicelli with grilled meats or a crusty Bánh Mì sandwich to classic Vietnamese street snacks, Pho Street offers a wide selection of authentic Vietnamese dishes to excite your taste buds with the distinctly fresh and vibrant flavours that Vietnamese food is known and loved for.

Food & Beverage


Monday - Sunday

10a.m. - 10p.m.

Tel : -

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