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It all began in the small mining town of Ipoh, Perak during the olden days. Chinese immigrants flocked to this thriving Malayan town to start a new life – some as peddlers, others as traders, fishermen and miners. 

A few aspirated young men who started trading dried seafood products, envisioned a more promising venture instead of enterprising for others. By investing their hard earned savings, they started a company selling quality foodstuffs. Their dedication to quality and product variety not only augured well with the local community, their reputation soon grew across the states. Today, Soon Thye Hang has progressed to become one of the leading importers, exporters and distributors of dried seafood in Malaysia. 

Soon Thye Hang was founded in 1965 by Mr. Chuah Chong Chear and Mr. Chai Sang Chek. Driven by the core values of trust, integrity, benevolence and honour, they relentlessly built a supply chain and distribution network across the continents for a brand that is synonymous with genuine quality. 
The founders’ pioneering spirit coupled with a deep sense of responsibilities towards their families, shareholders, employees and the communities have forged a deeply rooted relationship and a legacy that carries through the generations. Building the brand into a multimillion dollar corporation specializing in quality dried seafood, nuts, herbs, confectioneries, biscuits and healthy food. 

Trust has always been our most treasured brand value. To be your ‘Trusted Name in Dried Seafood’ is a continuous pursuit we strive to achieve.

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