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In Yi Lin, we are specialized in bringing the best of our locally made Lap Mei (Chinese Sausages) directly to the consumers. We have has a long history in Ipoh, Perak. Yi Lin was established back in 1940s by Mr Lum Sek who migrated from Shunde in Guangdong, China to Ipoh.

在怡林, 我们专诚为您提供最佳的本地腊味产品。我们在怡保拥有悠久的历史。怡林是由林锡先生从中国广东省顺德迁移到怡保后在1940年间创立的。我们向来出产高品质的腊肠与腊肉 。我们有一部分的产品还是用手工制造, 也尽量保持传统的腊肠制造方法。所以我们产品还保有真实,传统及独特的味道.

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