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DEES (Dee Seng Fashion Trading Sdn Bhd) established since 9 Nov 2004. We’re ventured into fashion business arena. With its years of experience, we are capable of satisfying customers unique insight and demands of fashion.

DEES has number of stores in whole Malaysia and we offer from basic garments to more fashionable clothes to suit a contemporary lifestyle. We are the dealer in fashion merchandise which differentiates to ladies, men & children department. The main category is jeans, trousers and some clothing in the ladies department.

We seek to be unique in this competitive market by doing our sourcing abroad personally at countries such as Korea, Thailand, China & Hong Kong.

Own branded DEES clothes are made for all, going beyond age, gender, occupation, ethnicity and all other ways that define people. Our clothes are simple and essential yet universal, so people can freely combine them in their own unique style.



Monday - Sunday

10a.m - 10p.m

Tel : 03 - 9133 9752

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